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Time to go to the Airport, oh no! It's flooding!

This past week I happened to be in Hong Kong for business and experienced the worst flooding HK had seen for a very long time.

The night before, it had started to rain very heavily and in the morning I made the effort to get up early and knock out a quick gym session only to find the gym flooded, I knew it was serious!

I immediately made plans to get to the airport early, shifting my pre-flight schedule and looking at transport options. Uber fares were 3x what they should have been and the train lines were down... I was really in trouble!

In the end I had to take the excessive uber fare, no taxi's would come as there was a lot of standing water over the roads and even half the uber drivers would not accept jobs. I really didn't want to battle the train station queues!

Luckily, my driver was a legend! As we started driving, there were Tesla's stranded everywhere due to the water ingress, as we were in a Toyota hybrid, I was worried about the same kind of thing but luckily we made it through.

Getting to the airport, I was so glad to have made it through and was just hoping the floods wouldn't affect flights too much. Moral of the story, you never know what is going to happen on your next trip, so make sure you have a good understanding of all the transport options and can get yourself out of a pickle when needed!

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